Marco Roth

Rubyist, part-time developer and part-time computer science student.

Basel, Switzerland

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

Dropbox Clone built with StimulusReflex
`morphdom` integration for Turbo Streams
TypeScript 40 1
WIP: Power-pack for Turbo Streams
WIP: Power-pack for Turbo Streams
TypeScript 27 0
Extend Turbo Streams with Custom Turbo Stream Actions and CableReady operations
TypeScript 26 0
Example StimulusReflex installation using Rails 7 and esbuild
[PoC] HTML rendering mechanism for Stimulus Controllers
TypeScript 12 0
Simple ERB to Phlex converter
Turn any Ruby class in an easy to use enum.
[WIP] CableReady Crystal port
Crystal 9 0
Code style checking for StimulusReflex
Ruby 7 1
CLI to apply templates to your Rails application
Ruby 7 1
Ruby gem to interact with the Netatmo REST API
Ruby 7 2
GitHub Action to bump multiple dependencies with dependabot in a single pull request
Ruby 7 1
Show WhatsApp users' profile pictures in ShortLook when you receive a WhatsApp notification
Objective-C 4 2

My Interests

Topics I'm interested in.